Helping Hands for Freedom is a 501c3 dedicated to supporting the families of the fallen, wounded and deployed.

Channel 9 Morning Show in Colorado features Helping Hands for Freedom

Posted November 16, 2015 by Rodney Smith

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DENVER – 11/11/15 - It's fitting on Veterans Day to remember the brave men and women serving our country.

To honor the ones who came home, especially those who came home wounded. And to remember those who didn't come home at all.

But when a family is dealing with issues caused by loss, injury or deployment – often it's the kids who suffer the most.

It's why Rodney Smith & Co-founder, SSG Patrick Shannon, founded the nonprofit called Helping Hands for Freedom.

It aims to improve children's lives through compassion, honor, mentorship and leadership programs. Helping Hands works to bring children and families together to deal with issues that are only understood by families that serve their country.

They organize picnics, visits to museums, theme parks, parties, baseball games and other kid-friendly activities. They help them attend sporting events and sports training camps. They try to fill the gaps in government support for these families.

The organization has gotten a big boost from supporters like Malik Jackson of the Denver Broncos and Jerry Schemmel, the radio voice of the Colorado Rockies.

They also work to provide families with the financial assistance necessary when dealing with a lost, wounded or deployed military member.

One way people can get involved, is to donate $7.00 through the Lucky 7 fundraising program.

Helping Hands for Freedom is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that supports military children & families facing injury, loss, and multiple deployments. You can learn more about us at