Mission, Vision and Values


Helping Hands for Freedom is dedicated to supporting military children and families facing injury, loss and deployment. HHFF aims to improve children's lives through compassion, honor, mentorship and leadership programs.


We are devoted to serving the men, women and children who are most in need. We work to address the gaps in the military and government's support for the immediate needs facing our surviving families, our wounded service members, and military families facing deployment. In assisting children, Helping Hands for Freedom focuses on life enrichment programs, after-school programs and sports & education camps that develop young boys and girls into strong and productive leaders tomorrow.


Helping Hands for Freedom has developed many programs that responsibly allocate funds to in-house and outside programs that support the goals and objectives of the organization. Helping Hands for Freedom ensures that funding gets to those who need it most and the organizations involved are operating at the highest standards in distributing their funds.

Areas of Support

The mission of Helping Hands for Freedom is to provide military children and families the financial assistance necessary when dealing with a family member lost, wounded, or currently deployed.


Supporting Military Children & Families

We strive to ensure that those making sacrifices in the name of protecting our freedom are not forced to make additional sacrifices to their basic quality of life.

Supporting Youth Development

At the forefront of all programs involving children will be mentorship, providing children with positive role models and surrounding them with friends and loved ones.

  • Helping Hands for Freedom is committed to meeting the challenge of helping our brave men and women in all branches of the military where a child is involved. We are devoted to identifying needs, verifying grant requests, and assuring that money and resources go directly to serving the need in a timely, efficient, and caring manner.
  • Upon rewarding financial assistance to a deserving individual or group, Helping Hands for Freedom monitors the grant recipient's progress through regular contact and continued service. Vendors are paid directly and service members and their families are afforded relief, as they face the impending personal transitions understood by few.
  • Money allocation will be determined on the community where the money is raised, or by the designated choice of the donor. Extensive research and verification will make sure money is going to deserving children and quality providers