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Kids Learn what it takes to train like a Warrior

Posted June 30, 2014 by Rodney Smith

June 2014 – Indiana – Military children and families came together for a "Mini-Boot-Camp" to share the experience of the commitment it takes to serve your country.

The day started off with a meet and greet with bananas, apples, Gatorade and water. After all the kids were introduced to each other they were welcomed to the 2014 Mini-Boot Camp sponsored by ASMBA Star Foundation by Co-Founder Staff Sgt. Patrick Shannon. A special treat was provided with SSG Shannon's daughter, Brenna Shannon, sang the National Anthem for all the guests and participants.

CEO of HHFF, Darin Fishburn, introduced the guest of honor, Noal Hazelgrove, an eleven year old gold star son that was attending the boot camp for the first time.

The participants were divided by age groups and were assigned instructors to help lead them through the day's festivities. Lt. Peters started the obstacle course which included a 2 acre run, rope swing, military crawl, and tires. Each age group and each heat had their winners which were recognized with a big hand from the other kids acknowledging their efforts. Next was the Johnson County Swat Team instruction class and then Holly Morelock launched the rope climb segment of the boot camp where the kids climbed up 15' with the four fastest times being announced recognizing their outstanding effort.

The next portion of the Boot Camp involved team building. It began with the Tug of War competition where the adults jumped in to help the kids. The program broke for lunch with a great feast for the tired participants. Everyone was treated to famous Willy BBQ Area at the Knotts Family Farm and Mr. Doug Cothron cooked over 150 hamburgers and even more hot dogs.

The kids really enjoyed their time together. They were able to share their stories with each other and build those priceless bonds. After lunch was over, the kids went down to the Shooting Range and were divided into 7 teams and trained on the 38 special, 9mm and the AR.

Participants were recognized for their excellent efforts and top performances in the different drills and challenges as well as every child that attended, due to the generosity of our sponsors, received a t-shirt, lanyard, wrist band, and HHFF towel.

Special thanks go to the ASMBA Star Foundation and our other generous community partners for making this a weekend these kids will never forget.

Helping Hands for Freedom provides for military children who are dealing with a parent that is injured, lost to war, and currently serving their country; many of which are facing multiple deployments. Our Programs include Life Enrichment, Life Needs, Sports & Education Camps, and the Dream "Chaser" Program.

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