Helping Hands for Freedom is a 501c3 dedicated to supporting the families of the fallen, wounded and deployed.

A successful year serving military children of the fallen, wounded and deployed

Posted December 8, 2013 by Rodney Smith

Dear friends of Helping Hands for Freedom,

As 2013 is soon behind us, the Helping Hands for Freedom team has taken time to reflect on the progress of our vision and to thank our partners who have played a critical role in our success. Helping Hands for Freedom is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to supporting military children and families facing injury, loss and deployment. Our signature programs aim to improve children's lives through compassion, honor, mentorship and leadership programs.

Helping Hands for Freedom works to address the gaps in the military and government's support for the immediate needs facing our surviving families, wounded service members, and military families facing deployment. The children of our wounded and fallen service members suffer not only from the devastating loss of a parent and a life-changing home environment, but also from the absence of a significant contributor to their growth, development, and education.

In assisting children, Helping Hands for Freedom focuses on life enrichment programs, after-school programs and sports & education camps that develop young boys and girls into strong and productive leaders tomorrow.

Some of Helping Hands for Freedom's greatest accomplishments since its inception include:

  • HHFF has served over 2,700 military children and families dealing with a parent that was lost to the war, facing multiple deployments and the children of wounded soldiers in Operation Enduring Freedom / Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  • Hosted 7 youth sports & fitness camps that have served over 1,200 children across Arizona, Colorado, Southern California and Indiana.
  • Provided over $40,000 in emergency financial assistance to military families who have children and are facing financial hardships as a direct result of a parent being wounded, injured, or lost at war.
  • Partnered with the Arizona Diamondbacks and shared 3 games with over 900 military families.
  • Launched its Dream Chaser program in 2013 serving military children of the fallen.

The freedoms we enjoy today have long been protected by the United States Armed Forces. Those who voluntarily serve and continue to guard those freedoms deserve our support. By assisting our heroes and their families, we are acknowledging their sacrifices and demonstrating our appreciation for the dedication and the courage of these brave men and women. To advance this vision, we hope you will consider supporting Help Hands For Freedom as you make your charitable year-end contributions.

You can make your donation online at or send your donation before December 31, 2013 to our Arizona office address listed below.

Your contribution is vital to ensuring we can serve every military family in need. We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events and wish you and yours a prosperous New Year!

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