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The Colorado Holiday Angel Programs are making a difference

Posted December 13, 2015 by Rodney Smith

Holiday Angel Program Colorado – Helping Hands for Freedom

Adopt A Military Family for Christmas:

Family Summary:  As Andrew is currently deployed in the middle east, his wife is back home pregnant with their second daughter that is due at the beginning of 2016. She is on bed rest due to complications with her pregnancy and unable to work. It has been difficult for her to take care of their 7-year-old daughter and the financial and mental stress has been an enormous challenge. When her husband returns home near Christmas time, he will have no job to return home to due to his previous employer downsizing. Times are tough and Holiday support is needed.

Andrew, Daia, Olivea and Melea – Army National Guard

HHFF Amount of Support - $500 for gifts & food


Holiday Angel Program – HHFF Adopt a Family- Family Summary:  Erik is currently deployed in the middle east. Patty is at home with their son and daughter and face many challenges. Nicolas is 17 and Morgan is 16 but due to a medical condition, she has a mental ability of a 9-year-old. She attends a private school for the deaf and blind.  Patty, now acting as a single mom, quit her job in order to take care of the special needs and demanding schedule of Morgan.  Help in making the children’s holiday special is needed.

Eric, Patty, Nicolas and Morgan – Army National Guard

HFFF Amount of Support - $400 for gifts & food


The Annual Santa Shop Program for Colorado Military Families

December 12, 2015 – The Santa Shop event assists Colorado National Guard Members and their Families who are experiencing a financial hardship during the holiday season.

The three locations served include Grand Junction, Centennial, and Colorado Springs. Not only do the kids get a secret visit from Santa, children are allowed to pick out their gifts from the many community partners that assist the program by donating gifts such as toys, stocking stuffers, games, books, and clothing. The families enjoy refreshments, crafts, and youth activities throughout the day.

Helping Hands for Freedom is proud to adopt the Colorado Springs location and provide food, drinks and gifts for the kids.

HHFF Amount of Support: $1,350


Meals for the Holiday’s – Partnership with Colorado National Guard Family Program

Everyone goes through rough patches in their lives, including the service men and women of the Colorado Air and Army National Guard. Helping Hands for Freedom strives to relieve some of the burden around the Holiday Season by helping coordinate Holiday meals for those that might not otherwise be able to afford it. It is HHFF’s honor to support military children and families in need.

Meals Provided: 99 Families & 257 Children throughout the State of Colorado.

Air Families         55
Army Families    44

HHFF Total Amount of Funds: $4,500


Holiday Angel Program – Ft. Carson Christmas Party for the Survivor Outreach Services Program

Entering our second year of support for military children and families serving at Ft. CarsonMountain Base, HHFF is honored once again proud to partner with military children and families to bring some joy to the Holiday season. The SOS Families in Need Christmas party was started in December 2010. The Contractor who coordinated the renovation of the Fallen Heroes Family Center and the Fort Carson Survivor Outreach Services Program coordinated the first few years of the Families in need party by reaching out to the community for donations of bikes and other items for a few of our Families who were financially struggling. SOS continues that tradition by ensuring that some of our Families who are financially struggling are being taken care of during the Holiday Season. This particular party is a small intimate party and is by invitation only. The SOS Financial Counselor and SOS Support Coordinator chose the Families based on certain criteria such as a Family's whose Soldier passed away and the Family did not receive any benefits based on various reasons. The Family Members invited to the party may include a Gold Star Mother who lost her Soldier, who was assisting her financially while he was on active duty and the benefits went to the spouse. We also have Families who we assist who are not eligible for Benefits due to Veteran's status or other issues. Many of our Families for the party this year are new Families and in addition to grieving their loved one, they have the additional burden of dealing with the Holiday without them and additional financial stress. This party attempts to provide a sense of normalcy, connection and assistance for these few Families who are struggling both emotionally and financially.

Children & Families Served - 23 children / 11 Families

HHFF Total Amount of Funds: $2,710.15


Random Acts of Kindness:

Gold Star Wife: A surviving spouse with twin girls, ages 15, needed laptops for the girls for school and is struggling financially. HHFF is honored to provide the kids laptops as a surprise Christmas gift.

HHFF Total Gift - $455.17


Holiday Angel Program Colorado – Adopt a Military Family – Partnership with St. Mary’s Academy

The Veterans Club at St. Mary's Academy works to promote awareness of the challenges faced by those who serve and their families.  It is our duty as a community to support and recognize what our veterans and their families have done for us. In addition, we work to find ways to express our gratitude for their service. We strive to create a bridge between St. Mary's Academy and the veteran community here in Colorado. Our club is dedicated to educating our fellow students, expanding our understanding, and finding ways to support our veterans. 


Military Family Summary: After serving in the National Guard for 15 years including 3 deployments, my husband was diagnosed with stage 3 multiple myeloma in July and has been going through very aggressive chemo treatments. In December or January, he will be traveling out of state for 3 months for a stem cell transplant. As the primary financial resource for our family, this has placed an emotional and financial burden on the family. I have gone back to school and should be finishing my degree in the fall of 2016 so I can start a career and help with our family’s finances. It has been a tough time for our 5 children but we are grateful to have each other and the support of the community.

Shane, Alicia, Brendon, Madison, Kaden, Brooklyn & Ashlyn – Army National Guard


Holiday Angel Program Colorado – Adopt a Military Family – Partnership with Ute Meadows Elementary School

Ute Meadows Elementary sits in the southwest corner of Jefferson County School District, the second largest district in the state.  Grades kindergarten through 6th grade attend, and students will eventually attend Chatfield Senior High School – home of the Chargers.  The school has been recognized for its academic achievements as a four-time recipient of the Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award and the John Irwin Award three years in a row.  Ute Meadows’ families are active in school activities, extracurricular activities, and community outreach.  The Eagles are proud to add this new partnership with Helping Hands for Freedom to the list. 


Military Family 1 Summary: My husband has been active duty in the Army National Guard since 2011. With this being our first deployment, it has been a struggle for our 13-year-old daughter. He is currently deployed in the middle east. We are also dealing with our 19-year-old son who is joining the Army in January so this has been a tough year for us. It has been a difficult transition for our family and we are struggling financially and could use some support for the Holidays.

Wade, Angela, Savannah – Army National Guard


Military Family 2 Summary: After serving in the Army for six years, I re-entered the National Guard in 2007 and served in Iraq in 2009. Suffering some injuries during my service, I was put on 60% disability and continue to struggle on getting healthier. With a total of 14 years in the Armed Forces, and currently still active duty in the National Guard, our family is struggling financially and dealing with our 3 children that have some medical issues. Our daughter has a seizure disorder and requires consistent medical attention. We appreciate the support over the Holidays.

Marvin, Talisha, Samantha, Jesus, Sahara, & Genesis – Army National Guard


Military Family 3 Summary: After serving in the Colorado National Guard since 2009, with one deployment in 2012, my husband passed away in October of 2015, leaving me to support six children. His passing has left our household with much financial burden. Trying to find work while taking care of the children has been very difficult, especially with feeding such a large family. Holiday support is appreciated and needed and we thank the kind people who help us.

Landon, Alexis, Josiah, Jake, Naythan & Huntley – Air National Guard


Military Family 4 Summary: After serving in the Air National Guard for 13 years, I find my family struggling with finances and dealing with major health issues for our children. Our eldest daughter has been sick most of her life and has been in and out of Children’s Hospital many times. She was recently diagnosed with a periodic fever syndrome called Familial Mediterranean Fever Syndrome and has also had a chronic inflammation disorder. She has had multiple relapses this year that have required hospital stays and IV/IG treatments and left our family struggling. We appreciate the Holiday support.

Justin, Ainsley, & Emma – Air National Guard


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