Helping Hands for Freedom is a 501c3 dedicated to supporting the families of the fallen, wounded and deployed.

Helping Military Families Lucky 7 For Kids

Helping Military Families Lucky 7 For Kids


Helping Military Families

Helping Hands For Freedom Presents:
The Lucky 7 For Kids Campaign

Everyone at Helping Hands for Freedom would like to thank you for your interest in our Lucky 7 for Kids campaign.

We designed the Lucky 7 Campaign to be more simple and effective at helping military families than any campaign we've ever created before.

It's built on the core idea that if we can find one million people who care enough about our military children and their families to donate just $7 each, we can raise
at least 7 million dollars... and help so many more lives across the country.

We chose the theme "Lucky 7" to just make donating more fun. As the campaign continues to grow, we'll be featuring great sponsored prizes for our donors to win, such as trips to world championship sporting events, weekend trips to New York, Chicago and San Diego, and memorabilia items signed by the biggest names in sports, music and movies.
And we'll even feature some cash prizes.

All proceeds from the Lucky 7 Campaign go towards:
Our Life Enrichment Programs
Our Life Emergency Needs Programs
Our Sports, Education, Fitness and Lifestyle Camps
And our new Dream "Chaser" Program for children who've lost a parent to war.

We promise you'll be proud of the work we do for military children and their families.