Helping Hands for Freedom is dedicated to supporting military children and families facing injury, loss and deployment.
HHFF aims to improve children's lives through compassion, honor, mentorship and leadership programs.


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The Cause

Regardless of partisan or political views, we aim to increase awareness and funds to address the needs of our military children and families who sacrifice daily for our freedom.

Our Mission and Service

The mission of Helping Hands for Freedom is to provide military children and families the financial assistance necessary when dealing with a family member lost, wounded, or serving multiple deployments in Iraq and/or Afghanistan.


The word military calls to mind men and women in uniform, those who are today serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is not hard to imagine the sacrifices that these men and women make. But the images that are too often forgotten are those of wives, husbands, children who stay behind. Their commitment to our country lies in the sacrifices they have to make while supporting the family member who serves. 

Over 2 million children have a parent who is in the military. Over 48,000 have a parent that has been wounded or killed during the current conflict. The period before and during deployment can be quite stressful for a young child. The fear of a parent being injured or even killed can be an ongoing worry. Other difficulties include separation anxiety and the adjustments that must be made when only one parent is home: additional responsibilities with household chores or helping to care for siblings. 

When parents return from deployment, they are not always the same. Major injuries, such as the loss of a limb, Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are life-altering and children often have a hard time understanding the reason for a significant change in the appearance, personality or behavior of a parent.


The children of our wounded service members, and those who lose a parent to war, suffer not only from the devastating loss of a parent and a life-changing home environment, but also from the absence of a significant contributor to their growth, development, and education. Children whose parents serve multiple deployments also face considerable change. To these children facing such significant issues, caring mentors and proven leadership provide the vital support, encouragement, and inspiration to help them reach their goals in life. We work to address the gaps in the military and government's support for the immediate needs facing our service members, the wounded, their families and the families of the fatally wounded.

All Helping Hands for Freedom programs for military children will feature curriculum and structure focusing:


  • Study techniques for test preparation
  • How to take notes during class
  • How to seek assistance from teachers, mentors, parents, etc
  • The value of a solid education and staying in school to graduate


  • Types of scholarships available for local and national colleges
  • Types of classes and grade point averages required to qualify
  • Additional information about finding and qualifying for financial assistance, scholarships and grants


  • Instruction from highly respected, successful professional athletes and coaches
  • High level instructors on speed, strength & conditioning
  • Segments taught by experts in health & nutrition
  • Professional educators discuss discipline, dedication and the importance of a strong work ethic
  • In-depth discussion on sportsmanship


  • Lecture topics unique to military children
  • Drug and alcohol awareness
  • Violence and anger management
  • Race awareness and ethnic tolerance
  • Valuing family and friends
  • Current affairs
  • Local topics